Trendy Henna Designs


Since a long time, Henna designs have remained very similar. As the art of Henna making spread across land, local cultures started creating a massive impact on the Henna Designs. Some of these designs were lost in the pages of history, while a few made an everlasting impact. Commonly known design types are Arabic, Indian, Moroccan, and Mughalai. But as they say, Change is Inevitable, the turn of the millennium saw many new advents in the designs.

Today I will be talking about a few of most famous modern design types.

Glitter Henna


Glitter Henna is just regular Henna that is infused with glitter! But it takes Mehendi designs to a whole new level. Glitter Henna designs are not that hard to create either! If you can make designs with normal Henna, then you can create Glitter Henna as well. All you need are glitter henna cones!


Henna Tattoos


Henna Tattoos are on the rage all over the world. The reason for this is that since Henna is natural, it is completely safe for your skin. Special Henna tattoo cones do not contain harmful chemicals like PPD, which can cause reactions on your skin.

And since Henna is temporary, you can change your tattoos every now and then. Also, if you want to get a permanent tattoo, but are feeling dicey about how it will look, Henna tattoo can give you a clear picture. If you feel good about it, you can go ahead with the permanent one, or you can keep changing your tattoos as you wish since these are much cheaper than ink tattoos!

Nail paint Henna


An upcoming trend, nail paint Henna is creating amazing designs on nails with Henna. An innovate way of decorating your nails, Henna allows you to explore your creativity even more!

Stones (Gems) Henna


A beautiful step forward for Henna designing is adorning your designs with imitation stone, or if you have a heavy purse, you can get it with actual stones. Now that would be a priceless work of art!

A henna design that is studded with gems and stones will surely make you the centre of attention at any occasion!

So there we go! Henna designing is just not limited to plain henna designs. It has gone a step further to become a work of art in its own unique way! Did you know of any more ways to make Henna even better?? Do let me know in comments below.

Author: Falguni Rajpara

Immersing herself into the world of henna and design from the tender age of fifteen, a massive part of Falguni’s appeal is that she is not only updated with the latest design trends but she also creates them.

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