Fashion Henna


Fashion is everywhere, in everything. Yes, that means it in Henna too! You can flaunt a well made Henna just like a most beautifully woven dress, or a sparkling ring (and a right one can really complement your Henna!)

Henna now, is not what it was a decade ago. It has moved on from being monochromatic to a vivacious and exuberant art that glows like a firefly in a moonless night. Henna is in demand all around the year now!! It is not exclusive to wedding occasions. Girls, and now men too, flaunt a Henna for any and every occasion.

It is a personalised fashion accessory. You may not be able to afford that high street dress, but you can definitely afford a bespoke Henna design that will make you the centre of attention, and this makes Henna a perfect fashion accessory! You can get a new one for every occasion without burning a hole in your wallet. You can get all the glamour without the expense.

You don’t even have to worry about side effects of Henna. If you use completely natural Henna, you won’t have any skin reactions and allergies. Natural Henna is totally safe for you. You can go on and adorn a new one every now and then. And this not the best part yet!

The best part is that Henna is a mirror of your imaginative power! It can take any shape and design that you can think of. It can be bold, colourful, and shimmering, or it can be subtle and elegant! The choice is yours. Henna brings life to your attire, as well as your occasions.

Author: Falguni Rajpara

Immersing herself into the world of henna and design from the tender age of fifteen, a massive part of Falguni’s appeal is that she is not only updated with the latest design trends but she also creates them.

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