Say No to Black Henna

Henna has a wonderful flair bringing in colour to our lives. Since many centuries, it has been used as a celebratory decoration by women. But this is changing now, there’s a trend of using Henna as a part of make-up. Women, and men for that matter, now use Henna for creating tattoos. Since natural Henna is completely safe for the skin, it does not cause skin reactions that might occur due to traditional tattoo inks and equipment.


But many tattoo and mehendi artists use a chemical based Henna called Black Henna to create Henna tattoos. This synthetic Henna is very harmful to the skin and causes extreme reactions. Black Henna is made of  a chemical called PPD (p-phenylenediamine) which is a main component of many Hair dyes, is not to be applied to the skin.


This chemical causes blisters, rashes, and different allergies that require prolong and expensive medical treatments. Also when you eat with your hands that have been applied such chemicals, there are even chances that you are consuming that what can only be described as poison.


If you are a bride, getting a Henna for your wedding day, would you want to remember the day that was the most joyous day of your life, or the day that was the most horrendous?


This chemical Henna dries up very quickly – within an hour or so, and has a very dark shade, as compared to the brownish shade of natural Henna. People are in a hurry and hence they cannot spend the long hours that natural Henna takes to stain. Many unethical Henna artists exploit this tendency of people by applying them with Black Henna.


For the haste, do you really want to play with your lives??? I don’t think anything is more valuable than your health. Say NO to Black Henna. Always demand for Natural Henna. Yes, it does take time to stain, but the colour that you get is a magnificent brown than the ghastly black. The stain of Natural Henna looks good in photos as well, leaving you with pleasant memories of your special day for a lifetime!